Self Service Move
Planning to do it you’re self? “THINK AGAIN”

Looking for ways to save money during your next move ?
The do it yourself alternative is an affordable way to save money when moving to another state.
Before you start, ask the question “Do I have the physical as well as the hauling capacity. Whether you rely on friends and borrowed vehicles or hire local college students and rent a truck to do the job, you need not only enough strong helpers but also the right hauling capacity. If you lack either of these, it’s best not to do it yourself.

Friends and family may come to the rescue, but are they capable movers. They won’t be covered by insurance and what happens if someone gets hurt? Are you patient enough to pack a truck, and then drive this to the destination? Taking a 25-foot truck on a crowded freeway can be a harrowing experience.

Also, consider whether moving yourself actually makes economic sense. If you are moving a long distance, calculate the cost of travel: gas, tolls, meals, lodging, and so on. Add in the costs of renting a truck large enough to handle all your belongings, insuring valuable possessions, hiring additional help, and even the cost of pizza at the post-move party. Then get some estimates from professional moving companies and decide how costs compare with a self-move. If a professional move will cost you more money, ask yourself if it’s still worth the decrease in stress and hassle. In the end, you might find it’s easier and more worthwhile to hire professionals. But if you decide it makes sense to take on a self-move, the next step is to examine the details.

The Three “Ps” of Moving
Pack well before moving day arrives; pack up everything but the bare essentials in your old home. Well-packed goods take up less space, are easier to handle and are less likely to be damaged.
People Line up as many people as you can at both ends of the move. More people mean the less strain on each individual and a faster move. Even so, be sure to match individuals with tasks. The people you ask to carry the couch up two flights of stairs should be in good shape.
Power Make sure the truck is big enough for the job. The goal should be to have enough space to make loading and unloading easy, and to complete the move in one trip.

Before making your decision, take into consideration the following options:
Professional Movers
If your move requires the lifting of heavy items, such as large furniture and appliances you may need assistance. Consider hiring extra hands by contacting a local moving company, where you can hire the laborers by the hour. Professionals with experience can help you maximize space when loading your truck, and offer additional valuable insights as well. It’s easy to contact a local moving company at destination to have laborers ready to assist you once you arrive.

U Load We Haul
The moving company drops off the appropriate size trailer at your home and you, according to your schedule load all your items. Once your trailer is loaded you schedule a pick up. A truck driver is assigned to drive your shipment to destination where you unload your goods.

Rent a Truck
Consider renting a moving truck, it is one of the more cost-effective ways to relocate a whole household or even a small office. Just like renting a car, you can rent a truck or van to personally transport your articles and belongings anywhere within the continental United States.