PackingOne Weeks before Your Move:

Mow your lawn for the last time.

Dispose of toxic or flammable items that can’t be moved. Drain the gas and oil from gas-powered tools such as lawn mowers and snow blowers; movers will not take them if full.

Double checks to make sure arrangements have been made to disconnect and service your major appliances being moved.

Pack your “trip kit” of necessary items that should go in your car and not the moving van: your checkbook, cash or travelers checks, medications, essential toiletries, light bulbs, flashlight, toilet paper, pet food, spare glasses or contact lenses, baby or child care items, toys and car games for children and your notebook with moving information

If you have young children, arrange for a baby-sitter to watch them on moving day. Since you’ll have your hands full, the extra attention from a sitter will distract the child’s attention from the turmoil of a move.

Pack your own suitcase of clothes for the move.

Put your “open first/load last” boxes in a separate place so the mover can identify them.

Pay all outstanding bills. Be sure to indicate your new address on payment receipts.

Remove any fixtures you are taking with you and replace (if specified in your home- selling contract).