PackingOne to Two days before Your Move:

The movers will arrive to start the packing process

Empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer, clean both with a disinfectant and let them air out. Put baking soda or charcoal inside to keep them fresh.

Arrange for payment to the moving company. This payment must be made when your belongings arrive at your new home – before your belongings are unloaded. Find out your moving company’s accepted methods of payment, terms, and its policy for inspecting your belongings when they arrive to determine if any breakage has occurred.

Empty your safety deposit box. Plan to take important papers, jewelry, cherished family photos, irreplaceable mementos and vital computer files with you.

Write directions to your new home for the van operator provide the new phone number and include phone numbers where you can be reached in transit – a car phone or friends, old neighbors, a place of business or relatives with whom you’ll be in contact. You’ll never be out of touch for long, should an emergency arise.

Leave your forwarding address and phone number for your home’s new occupants.
If your old house will be sitting vacant, notify police and neighbors.